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cats of concepts or concepts of cats…?


Photo by James Felix Raw
Model: @thaisveiraofficial



By Paulfuentes_design

Im so, so, sooo in L O V E with almost all of this talented artists portfolio.

> This is pure art-porn, shooting it straight up my veins <


– No title –
By Ryohei Hase

– Ambivalence (2011) –

– Go forward and forward (2008) –


– Meaningless scramble for more room (2009) –


– YASAGURE (2015) –

– Two, being dyed (2015) –


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Ryohei Hase

…in worlds where snails are the actors

SNails By Aleia Murawski & Sam Copelad

The duo’s work is playful; we are thrown into a world that combines fantasy with reality. However, there is a strangeness to the scenes. At times it feels as if we are peering into a dystopian world, where humans have left, and only their objects and molluscs remain.


Shall we raise the dead?

…join me, lets go into the mystic